Cat Returned Alive After Being Buried for 5 Days! Now, ” The Zombie Cat ” Has A New Home!

Bart is a beautiful black and white cat which was ran over by a car and soon after buried by its owner. Bart is called the Zombie cat because it dug out its way out of the grave and made it to rescue.

After few days a neighbor found it and took it to his owners. Bart had a lot of injuries such as facial lacerations, broken jaw and damaged eye that had to be removed.

Cruel Cat Parents!

The Humane Society was stating that they were at a custody dispute for this incredible zombie cat with his former owner since they took Bart from them. Tampa Bay Humane Society center in Florida reported at that time, that they will not allow a return custody to the Hutson family over Bart again.

They also stated that they have come upon new information about Bart’s domestic environment and the circumstances involving the accident. It is because of this information the center was strongly fighting for Bart never to be returned to his previous family and they were fighting for a better home for this zombie cat.

Members of the Hutson family were not available for any comments at that point. At a previous interview with the father he stated that the family was devastated when the accident occurred. They buried the cat with a broken heart. It was a big surprise for them to see Bart again, live and breathing.

Fresh Start for the Zombie Cat!

After the big custody battle, this amazing Zombie cat got a new furrever home. Bart also made an incredible recovery even though it had lost one eye. He seems to be doing pretty well for time being, the new family will not give up on him easily. In the meantime his story is winning over the love all around the World on social media. Feel free to share this post to show your support for Bart!


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  1. I remember this horrendous time that Bart went through. The supposed neighbor and the owners scammed the whole time. They never ever really cared about Bart. He had a horrible life with them. I am really sorry to learn that they got money to assure themBart would be taken care of……./.what the? They should never ever be able to own an animal again.i thank all who were involved in saving Bart from the horrible ‘owners and neighbor’. Also all the many procedures he had Togo through were a beautiful testament as to his will to live. God bless each and every one of you who helped Bart heal so beautifully. To the new. Owner I bet you were screened. Very well so I wish you and all your kitties a healthy and wonderful life together. Again , SPCA thank you for fighting for Bart../.it truly warms my heart.

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