The World’s Deadliest Cat Doesn’t Look Dangerous at All!

One would think that the world’s deadliest cat would be as big as a lion or a tiger. However, we were clearly all wrong. This fierce killer is not only small, but also really adorable.

The black-footed cats are nocturnal and solitary animals. They can walk up to 20 miles during the night searching for a delicious meal. It doesn’t come as a surprise that they mostly hunt small rodents and birds. After all, the males can grow only up to 17 and the females up to 14 inches.

The BBC Big Cat crew was searching for this African cat for a long time in the Karoo desert to get some footage. These cats spend a lot of time in their underground lairs and when they are on the surface they mostly hunt. With the amazing 60% success rate at catching their prey, these small and cute cats are surprisingly the deadliest of them all.

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