Woman Bought a Chicken Coop for Her Cats and They Can’t Get Enough of It!

Cats love to spend their time outside, play in nature and bathe in the sun. When you have coyotes roaming around your home though, you wouldn’t want your cats to be in danger when you let them outside. This is the reason why Jacsmom decided to get her cats a chicken coop and she explained it all on reddit.

She transformed the chicken coop into a lovely little place where her cats can enjoy some fresh air without getting harmed. It costed her around 200$ and it seems like it was quite worth the money. Her cats are loving it! It gives them the freedom to use it with ease since its entrance is connected with the house.

Do you think her use of the chicken coop is genius?

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  1. I think this is great I have cats they would love this , if you don’t mind what is the company name
    …….thank you

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