Wedding Photos Are Not Always About the Bride, They Are Also About the Cat!

One bride chose to have a photo-shoot with her cat Arthur, and when she showed the results to other people, they wanted it as well! So, she decided to help them and make them wedding photos with their cats too! The girls dressed up like brides once again and the wedding pictures astounding!

The concept of the photos is rather different, but they are all amazing. For example, in some of the photos, the brides are holding hands with the cats or they are holding the cats in their arms. Some other photos include only the cat. She is sitting on the bride’s wedding veil, or lying on the bed trimmed with wedding ornaments.

Other photos include the happily married couple photographed with the cat. These are our favorites! They show a very romantic story and really beautiful family photos! Some of them are in color, some of them are black and white, but the cats look beautiful in all of them! They are real posers!

Photo Credits: Marianna Zampieri

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