Unwanted Shelter Cat Finally Feels Loved Thanks to a Young Special Needs Girl!

Cats are affectionate creatures which are able to love anyone unconditionally. One unwanted shelter cat was looking for someone to adopt him and finally make him feel loved.

Lou was staying at the Lorca Animal Shelter in Spain. Even though he was described as affectionate and obedient, no one was interested in adopting him. His dream to become a part of a loving family came true when he met Isa Gonzales Asensio. She is the mother of a 14 year-old girl with special needs. Laura has a rare hereditary blood disorder, which is affecting both her neurological and physical growth.

Isa wanted to find a therapeutic pet for her daughter and Lou was the perfect one. It didn’t take long for Laura and Lou to fall in love. The two bring each other so much joy and it is impossible not to see how happy they are just by looking at their amazing photos.

LOU ADOPTADO!!!!!!!!!!No entendíamos como Lou no encontraba una familia al ser un gato tan dócil y cariñoso .Ahora lo entendemos todo, estaba esperando a Laurita que así se llama este ángel tan maravilloso,y a su mamá Isa.Gracias Isa por abrir tu corazón un poquito más y darle esta oportunidad a Lou.Estas imágenes fueron grabadas a las pocas horas de estar lou en su hogar y como dicen que una imagen vale más que mil palabras os pido a todos aquell@s que nos seguís que compartáis estas hermosas imágenes y podamos romper mitos falsos.Como el que un animal adulto no se adapta o que no pueden ser cariñosos o que los niños y los animales no pueden vivir juntos entre todos estamos seguros que poco a poco conseguiremos y cambiando algunas mentes.Gracias Isa y mil graciasDONATIVOS LORCA ANIMAL RESCUE3058 0201 68 2720021812 BIC: CCRIES2A IBAN: ES36 3058 0201 6827 2002 animal

Posted by Lorca Animal on Monday, January 9, 2017

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