Epic Transformation: This Tiny Kitten Bijou Was Once Half the Size of a Regular Cat!

All 5 kittens from Bijou’s litter were left in a cage when they were only two days old. Luckily they were rescued and brought to Susan Spaulding, who is the co-founder of National Kitten Coalition. The poor kittens were in a really bad state and one of them passed away the next day. The tiny kitten Bijou though, was doing well despite the fact that she was weighing only 3 ounces.

Her three brothers were doing well and were ready for adoption just in time, while Bijou was struggling. She had a few ups and downs and at one point they didn’t think she was going to make it, but now she is looking stronger than ever. Bijou might weight only 3.3 pounds at 8 months, but she is a very healthy kitten full of love.

Isn’t she lovely?

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