An Immediate Sparkle - Tiniest Kitten Chose This Big Guy to Be Her Hooman!

Often happens when you meet someone you immediately feel sparkles flying all around! That is what this most tiniest kitten felt when saw a guy in the building. Tall, handsome, good style, I mean this kitten knows what she wants!

It remains unknown when and how this adorable kitten met this big guy, but one thing is sure- she is not giving up on him! People from the building said that the cat did not pay the slightest attention to them. It was unimportant to her if anyone else wants to adopt her. She chose her parent and that is!

On the other side, can you say no to this captivating cutie? When the guy saw that the kitten is following him literally everywhere and does not even think about going to another person, he decided to adopt her. The kitten is now taken care of, happy and delighted to have chosen her perfect parent.

?? loving this ?She's so cute I think she loves me ??Instagram : ahmedelbayed ✔ Snapchat : a7med.ab ✔

Posted by Ahmed EL Bayed on Tuesday, September 8, 2015

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