Meet Thor - the Famous Bengal Cat That Conquered the Internet!

It is not very unusual to have a wild cat as a pet nowadays, especially since we have a famous role model, our Thor, the famous Bengal cat. Cats are known for their territorial nature and their selfishness and self involvement, but if you think that is tricky try adopting a wild breed or just a half breed. Many have, and regretted their decision since they cannot cope with the ‘’wild’’ nature of a Bengal cat.

Thor is a superstar of social media and the one really famous Bengal cat that will steal your love and affection just by looking at his shinny spotted fur. This tiger-leopard, spotted-striped feline will melt your heart right away and make you follow him on Instagram and be his friend on Facebook.

His human parent says that she wanted a different cat but once seeing Thor she fell in love immediately and couldn’t leave home without this orange-brown spotted kitten. Rani, his human mother says that some people assume that Thor’s pictures are photoshopped in order for him to look like a leopard but, guess again, Thor is all natural.

Thor’s wild side is often thrown in the shadow when he starts being silly when chasing flies or going crazy over his favorite shrimp pie. He likes his -before bed- paw massages and belly rubs, because he is just spoiled that way.

Game of Meows: A song of Mice & Fire ??

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The family believes that Thor is like their master and they are his servants! As soon as he opens his mouth and starts meowing they have to respond fast and if they don’t he gets upset easily. But they don’t mind this since Thor gives a lot of love for their attention. So it is a win-win situation. Even when they have visitors, Thor doesn’t escape from them like normal cats do; he stays around them to feel their scent. If he likes the visitors he responds with some meows.

Rani is considering putting him on calendars and posters for promoting awareness for helping animals in need. But she feels that given the fact the Thor is not your average, domestic, lap cat it is better to reach out to cats that are in shelters and in real need of adopting families.

Yayy, I'm feeling better everyday! I even demand my shrimpies again! ?

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Thor is a Bengal cat, which means he is a half breed, half wild cat and half domestic cat. It is his wild nature that makes him difficult to maintain. So if you are looking for long cuddles with your cat, don’t look for them in half breeds, get a fluffy Himalayan.

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