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TEST: How Do a Dog and a Cat React to Their Human’s Fake Death?

There are a lot of videos on the Internet where humans pretend to be dead just so they can see what their pet’s reaction would be like. The videos below is for all those who were wondering how will a dog react and how will a cat react after seeing her human’s fake death.

Whenever you see how the dogs react to their humans faking their death, they always tend to get really worried.

Cats on the other hand look like they are slightly less concerned. When this cat sees her human falling on the bed, she seems quite uninterested. After a while, she goes over to him and investigates a little bit.

Not knowing what is going on, it looks like she is asking for some answers from the other human in the room. We bet she knew all along that he is just messing around with her.

What do you think your cat would do?

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