The Sweetest Hippo Fiona Gives Adorable Smooches at the Cincinnati Zoo!

Even though she was born prematurely, the most adorable hippo in the world Fiona has been melting hearts all across the globe. She is definitely the sweetest hippo you will ever lay your eyes on.

Together with her parents she lives in the Cincinnati Zoo and Botanical garden. Anyone who visits the zoo enjoys looking at Fiona no matter what she is doing. Whether it is swimming with her mommy and daddy or just blowing up some bubbles in the water, people are loving it.

Fiona might be a celebrity at the zoo, but she is the most humble and down to earth star. She doesn’t mind meeting her fans and happily greets them. A little girl even got a lovely smooch from the cute hippo through the glass.

This may be the cutest thing you see all weekend! #TeamFiona #cincinnati #cincinnatizoo

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At last, watch Fiona’s highlight moments that went viral so far.

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