A House-Fire Survivor Cat Gives Support to Other Animals at a Pet Hospital!

Russel is no ordinary cat. He is a survivor cat who doesn’t let the horrible trauma that he has been through to break his spirit.

The tragic event that completely changed his life happened in the beginning of 2014. The amazing cat named Russel was able to survive a house-fire which left him in a really terrible state. He ended up with 3rd degree burns all over his body and his face.

Russel was taken to the Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, where the staff didn’t know if he will make it. His recovery took a long while and he was very lucky to be alive. There was so much more to him that meets the eye though.

Russel Is a Survivor Cat Full of Life!

Taking his physical health into consideration and all the stress that he went trough, his behavior came as a big surprise. Despite the fact that he himself was going through recovery, Russel was full of love and affection towards the other animals at the clinic. The survivor cat likes to wander around the clinic and even forgets that he needs to take a break and rest from time to time.

Alan Wilford who is part of the staff has stated that the cat does a great job at connecting with the other patients. He helps them feel more at ease by staying by their side. His presence reduces their stress and he really enjoys being in the presence of the other animals. He is not picky when it comes to choosing who to visit. From deer to dogs, Russel is there for them making sure they feel more peaceful.

Russel might never go back to being an ordinary house cat. Regardless of that though, he is receiving all the love he needs at the clinic and they are willing to keep him as the hospital’s mascot.

Photo Credits: Animal Emergency Hospital and Urgent Care

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