Stray Kitten Decided to Follow a Man Home and Stay Forever!

A man from America was working at a non-profit organization for children in Kenya. In 2012 while he was living there near a slum, a little stray kitten decided to follow him home. He named the kitty Nala since he didn’t know the gender of the kitten at first. However, he didn’t want to change it even after he found out that it was a male kitten.

As soon as he let the kitten inside his home, Nala took over his bed and his heart. It was hard to find pet supplies, but he managed to get a litter box and cat food. This is definitely a luxury considering how cats live in Kenya. People there were shocked that the kitten was his pet. Kenyans mostly use them to get rid of rodents.

In 2016 Nala went on his biggest adventure and arrived in America. Now he lives in a comfortable and loving home with his favorite human.

Photo Credits: The Lake via Reddit

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