Lovely Stray Cat Gave Birth to Six Mini Panthers After Being Rescued!

When her former human relocated, Belle was left on the street. The temperatures were dropping when a kind neighbor decided to help the mother of the six mini panthers.

They were feeding her for a while before taking her in, but when they did, they realized that she is actually pregnant. Wanting her to be in good hands they took her to the Langley Animal Protection Society.

Narod became her foster mommy and on December 27th she gave birth to six black little beasts. The four boys and two girls might be tiny, but as soon as they opened their eyes they showed their true colors. They became lovely and playful little panthers who love to explore. Following their mom wherever she goes, they are learning how to become just as gracious as she is.

Isn’t this one gorgeous family?

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#Belle's wobbly little babies are almost 3 weeks old. They are the sweetest kittens with heart melting mews ?Soon all will be walking and exploring…#LAPS #LangleyAnimalProtectionSociety #AdoptDontShop #BlackCatsRule

Posted by LAPS Foster Kittens on Monday, January 16, 2017

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