Say Hello to the Stranger Cats - the New Catflix Series!

Everyone lately has been completely obsessed with the original Netfilx series Stranger Things. It has become extremely popular and it has one of the best ratings ever. Hopefully the new release on Catflix called Stranger Cats is going to be just as successful.

Probably every Stranger Things cat loving fan would love to see an actual series like that. Whether or not they are going to do more than just a reveal of the cast is not certain. However, we must admit that the members of the cast are quite amazing. They seem to represent the characters really well and their names are on point. Maybe even their acting is just as good.

We really hope that there are going to be a lot more Stranger Cats videos in the future with Waffles the cat.

Would you be interested in watching it?

Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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