These Photos Prove That Hairless Kittens Are Just as Adorable as Our Furry Felines!

Some people are completely in love with them, while others think they look a little bit too weird. Those that do love them though, don’t mind spending thousands of dollars just to have one as a pet. However, in this post everyone that doubted their cuteness will get their proof that hairless kittens can definitely be extremely cute.

Anyone who thinks that a hairless cat will be maintenance-free is really wrong. Just because they don’t have any coat to shed doesn’t mean that there’s nothing to worry about. These cuties need to take baths weekly and also should not go outdoors unattended. Since they lack a coat, they can easily get sunburns. The little kittens are always cuter than their parents and the hairless cats are not an exception.

These wrinkly little babies are going to melt your heart with their cuteness.

Would you like to have a hairless cat?

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