10+ Parrots That Are Better Singers Than Most of Us!

I bet when you hear these parrots you will back off any singing audition you wanted to attend! They are real talents! Honestly, I have heard singers singing worse than them! Everybody has heard about the ability of parrots to sing and now we present you with a chance to hear them, too!

The parrots have their own music preferences! And of course different styles of singing! The song “you are my sunshine” is the absolute favorite among the parrots! Not only they sing better than us, but they are even more romantic than some guys I know! The parrot singing “Gangnam style” is probably the life of the party!

There are also parrots prone to a more serious music! As opera, for example! Yeah, the parrot is a real baritone! On the other hand, we have those parrots that do not sing with words, but they tweet in their own language! But, that does not make them less musical! That makes me aware that my singing career is over!

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