Awww… These Sleeping Kittens Have an Adorable Bodyguard!

For some reason people believe that cats and dogs just don’t go well together. This stereotype can be very easily broken just by watching this wonderful video of three sleeping kittens and the cute dog cuddling next to them.

Most of the people that share their homes with both cats and dogs know that they can be very good friends and get along perfectly without fighting with each other.

We might think that they just naturally hate each other and don’t want to be in the presence of the other… But, the truth that determines the relationship between them is the life experiences that they have been through.

There are a lot of areas in which cats and dogs are very similar and with which they can communicate. In the case of cats and dogs sharing the same household in the beginning of their relationship the cats create their opinions by observing from up high and would find proper ways in which they would approach the dogs. They can become friends that would not only respect each others space, but cuddle together, share food, play together and even sleep together.

The proof that cats and dogs can be best buddies is this video in which we can see the wonderful bond that these sleeping kittens and a dog have developed. The three kittens are sleeping next to a dog which is laying on the back. He is not moving at all in order not to wake the precious little kittens up. Throughout the 2:14 minute video the kittens change their position and one rests his head on the dog, while the dog himself doesn’t even move a muscle. We need to give the dog a lot of credit for being so patient, and considerate to let the kittens sleep.


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