Sickly Runt Kitten to Everyone’s Surprise Grew into a Majestic Cat!

The sickly runt kitten named Brownie was born with only two toes on his right paw. He needed extra love and attention and Justina Strumilaite was prepared to give him all that he needs.

The fuzzy kitten was really small and had a hard time eating. With Justina by his side, his chances of survival increased. She had no plans on giving up on the little kitty and she gave him that extra push he so desperately needed. Justina even encouraged him to climb on top of his siblings in order to eat.

Soon enough, Brownie started eating a lot more and gainin weight. The more he grew, the fluffier he became. He is no longer a fragile tiny kitty and no one would ever suspect that he was a runt kitten. With the help of his human mommy he managed to transform into a really majestic cat.

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