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Hilarious Scene: After Seeing a Dog, Cat Pretends to Be Dead!

It seems like pretending to be dead can help you out in a lot of situations. After seeing that a dog was approaching her, a cat pretends to be dead.

The kitty clearly didn’t want to mess with the dog and came up with a genius plan. The dog was completely confused, wondering what happened to the cat. He kept sniffing around the cat and she remained perfectly still. When the dog was about to give up and leave, the kitty lost her patience. She gets up and runs for her life. Even though her master plan failed, her back up plan was just as efficient. The dog started chasing her, but the kitty most likely already knew that there is no way he can catch up with her.

In case you had any doubts that cats are really intelligent creatures this can definitely be your proof. At least she most certainly outsmarted the confused dog.

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