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How to See If Your Cat Is Right-Handed or Left-Handed?

Yes, it is true; cats also have their favorite sides! Just as humans, they also have a front paw that is not clumsy as the other one, or that is a more functional one! And in the case of cats, as in humans, females are always right! This means that, according to the researches female cats tend to be right-handed, while male cats tend to be left-handed!

Deborah Wells, psychologist at the Queen’s University of Belfast, says that when it comes to people, it seems like the hand one uses more is related to sex hormones. According to her, this also applies to cats. It has always been intriguing for scientists to see how this side preference occurs to people, but since 1970s it has been also transferred to the animal kingdom. So, it was also concluded that primates, whales, some tarantulas have side preference and are right handed.

A research was conducted to see this phenomenon in cats. So it included 40 cats, of which 20 were female. The behavior of the cats was closely observed, mostly their movements. The main things the scientists observed were the front paw with which the cats take the first step when coming down the stairs, the front paw they use when climbing on the litter box, the side they recline on, and the paw they use to grab their food from the feeder. ¾ of the cats had their dominant side and it turned out that most of the right-handed cats were female!

If you are curious about learning whether your cat is a lefty or a righty, you just have to observe her/his movements for a period of several months. Take into consideration the above stated movements and observe the front paw used for the first move and that’s it. Remember, if the cat is female, she is probably right and if a lefty, don’t wonder why the cat is a bit more anxious!

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