Must Visit: The Cat Town in Turkey! A Heaven Built Just for Cats!

In the northern province of Samsun, Turkey exists a place that is exclusively made for stray cats and it is known as Cat Town. This little town is located within a municipal animal shelter.

It took around 2 years for the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality to build this lovely place. Around 50 cats live in the shelter and are finally off the streets. All of the cats are spayed or neutered before they are brought into the Cat Town.

Hüseyin Aydin who is the vet and manager of the facility takes care of the sick cats and makes sure they are ready to join the cat community. They live in really cute bungalows and even get to choose if they want to live alone or with all the other cats.

Would you ever want to visit this Cat Town?

Spread the word and let everyone know that every homeless cat deserves a home.

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