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    Cat in Turkey Loves to Spend Time in Front of an Escalator!

    A cat from Turkey has a really unique place where she loves to chill. The kitty has been spotted taking naps and relaxing in front of an escalator. The cats from Istanbul have been slowly taking over the Internet. This kitty became popular after people posted this video of her sitting on the top of […] More

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    Cat Travels Everywhere with Her Soldier for 4 Years!

    When Sophie was just a kitten she became Julie Cordes’ closest companion. Now whenever she needs to leave for the army, the cat travels with her everywhere. Cordes’ mother brought the kitten home and she immediately fell in love with her. The kitty really liked being with Julie and soon they became traveling buddies. Sophie […] More

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    Adorable Chihuahua Doesn’t Want to Leave Her Previous Owner Grave!

    The adorable Chihuahua called Dita was really attached to her previous owner. Unfortunately Teresa Morini’s mom passed away, but months later Dita still remembered her. She was extremely close to her and now whenever she visits her grave she doesn’t even want to leave. According to Teresa the Chihuahua mix and her mother were inseparable. […] More

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    Heartwarming Story: the One-Eyed Kitty with a Really Cute Wink!

    Yara was found in a box of Christmas ornaments when she was only 4 weeks-old. When Kaylen saw the kitten in the veterinary clinic where she works, she noticed something really special about her. She had a cute wink which made her look super cute. Yara was born without one eye, but she was a […] More

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    Bossy Cat Decided to Chill on a Sleeping Husky!

    When it comes to personal space, cats are completely oblivious. However, from what we can see in this video this doesn’t only apply to our personal space. They are also completely unaware of other animals’ personal space. This cat in particular decided to randomly get comfortable and chill on top of a sleeping Husky. The […] More

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    Cats Can Now Wear Hats Made from Their Own Fur!

    Ryo Yamazaki is a really crafty photographer from Japan. His muses are his cats and he created amazing photo shoots with them wearing hats. His creations come in a lot of different weird shapes and sizes. What makes them so special is the fact that their hats are actually made from their own fur. His […] More

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    Bear Survives for 2 Months with Her Head Stuck in a Bucket!

    After seeing a photo of a bear with her head stuck in a bucket, Dean Horbenger and Samantha Eigenbrod decided to try to find her. They spent 6 hours searching for the bear in Clarion County, Pennsylvania. When they finally found her, Dean tried his best to remove the tractor trailer airbag where she stuck […] More

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    No One Wanted to Adopt This Special Kitten Because He Looked Funny

    Zeke is a special kitten born with water on the brain and defective legs. People thought that he looks too funny and weird to adopt him. Everything changed for little Zeke when he was 3 months-old. Nancy Lynch was the first person who thought that the little kitten is absolutely adorable. After posting photos of […] More

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    Bubbles the Kitty Gives Her Human an Adorable Wake-Up Call

    Having a cat is amazing, but the only downside is probably is having that unwanted morning feline alarm. Some days you simply don’t want to get up early however, your kitty doesn’t care. When they want something they will let us know whether we are sleeping or not. This lovely ginger kitten gives her human […] More

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    Cougar Kittens Caught Playing with the Dogs in the House!

    It has been proven on multiple occasions that cats and dogs can be good friends. However, the examples are usually including domestic cats. In the video below cougar kittens play with dogs. They show us that it does not matter if it is domestic or wild cats, they can still get along with their canine […] More

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    Adorable Kitten Gives Himself His First Bath! Mmm Delicious Feet…

    Grooming is a natural behavior for cats. When they are not napping, they spend half of the time grooming themselves. This little kitten got his first bath and thanks to his humans we can see just how adorable it was. We all know that kitties like to keep themselves clean and little kittens are not […] More

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    Scooter the Neutered Cat Is One Badass Kitty!

    Scooter the neutered cat is the new ambassador of spaying and neutering. He is one badass kitty that perfectly delivers the no-kill message with his epic hip style and his catchy song. One of the easiest ways in which we can prevent cat overpopulation is definitely spaying and neutering. It is not only easiest, but […] More

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