Russian Farmer Rescued 4 Very Strange Kittens!

One day a Russian farmer found four strange kittens in his barn. They didn’t look like any other kittens he had ever seen. The kittens needed help and he was ready to lend them a hand.

He was not able to identify what kind of kittens they were, so he contacted the Daursky Nature Reserve. They confirmed that the kittens were not of domestic breed. It turned out that they are Palla’s cats or Manuls. These cats are very rare and are native to Central Asia.

The kittens were taken to the reserve and the staff had a great idea, but they weren’t sure if it was going to work. They wanted two domestic cats to nurse the Palla’s kittens and luckily it worked. The cats accepted the kittens and treated them as their own.

When the kittens were ready they were released in the wild, where they have adapted to their natural habitat.

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