Russ the Lovely Pit Bull Can’t Stop Hugging His Savior!

Kyla Fillon is a regular 20 something girl, who volunteers as a dog walker at an animal shelter in Philadelphia. So she is one of the rare ones. One day she was chosen. Chosen to be the mother to a lovely pit bull, named Russ.

The universal tale of how good attracts good. Try not to cry to the adoption story of Russ, the lovely pit bull and his human mother Kyla Fillon.

Pit bulls stand as aggressive, scary breeds, good just for dog fights. I am speaking about the mind set of sick, demented people, needless to say. With love, care and right treatment even a lion can purr and be walked on a collar.

When Russ, an amazing, lovely pit bull was brought up to this animal shelter in Philaddelphia. The sick and the old ones are always put down first, so when Kyla noticed Russ, which was literally a bag of bones when he came in, she knew that she had to take action as soon as possible. She signed in for adoption and in a matter of days Russ found his forever home.

Just look at them hugging this is so sweet!

His missing hair from the tail and ears, his medical conditions and Lindsey Lohan look were all gone under the watchful eye of the wonderful Kyla. He is well fed, has his regular bubble baths, long walks and most importantly he is now loved. Kyla loves him to bits.

In return, Russ has given Kyla his heart, loyalty and tons and tons of hugs. The cute, little pooch does what it takes to be near her. He sleeps on her face, writes home work with her, drives around with her and cannot literally stop hugging her. Love moves the world, doesn’t it?

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