This Sweet Bunny Cat Lives Life to the Fullest Besides Her Disability!

Lil’ Bunny Roux was born without her front legs, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t live her life just like any other cat. The lovely bunny cat doesn’t let her disability stop her from living life to the fullest.

Before Jackie Dean Akey adopted Roux, she was brought to a rescue center in New Orleans. Her previous human didn’t want to take care of her anymore because she couldn’t bury her waste in the litter box.

Akey didn’t see this as a problem and happily decided to give this kitty a forever home. Now Roux is living with her family in Louisiana where she is well taken care of. She manages to hop around on her back legs and also walk, while maintaining her balance by keeping the lowest portion of her rear legs flat. Roux is a very energetic kitty that can walk very fast when she wants to and also jump very high just like any other cat would.

Even though she is missing the two front legs, because of a congenital abnormality, she is not in pain which is the most important thing. She doesn’t even need any prosthetics since she is very mobile and can get around the house just fine without them.

The Bunny Cat Loves Cuddling Just Like All Regular Cats!

Roux spends her day playing with her sisters Kona and Graybee and cuddling with her humans. Just like all regular cats she loves food and grooms herself after every meal. She uses up all the energy before going to bed by playing with whatever is in the way and would snuggle with her humans in their bed before falling asleep.

Roux was lucky that she managed to find a loving family that loves her despite her disability and is there to keep her safe. Even though she is an independent kitty, she still needs some help from time to time and is not ashamed to accept it.

Photo Credits: Roux Instagram

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