5 Most Ridiculous Cat Apps to Entertain You & Your Cat!

Apparently, cat apps are the next best thing on the internet all around the world! If you were wondering what to do with your free time, don’t, get free cat apps! No, they are not all for your cat most of them are for you, and you surprising your friends with some cat facts?!

Let’s scroll for them cat apps…

Top Catz

Photo Credits: Top Catz

Top Catz is the number one of the cat apps. It started as a silly idea but grew to become an excellent rating cats’ platform – that is, if you are a great cat fan this will definitely catch your attention.

Cat Piano Jr.

Photo Credits: Cat Piano Jr,

No, no, it’s not an app that will teach your cat how to play the piano, and no, it is not the one that shows little cute cat paws pressing the keyboards while the piano is playing on your android. This one actually plays a different meow for every keyboard. The full, paid version comes with ten cat voices and two cat mixes. If this doesn’t drive you crazy – give us a call and tell us what does?!

Human-to-Cat Translator

Photo Credits: Human-to-Cat Translator

Well, it doesn’t really translate, per say, but it gives a funny pretending to let you know what your cat meows about. If you think that the translation is not enough by itself, the app offers a soundboard of eight high quality cat meows!

Cat Facts

Photo Credits: Cat Facts

Really?! If you ever feel the need to surprise some of your friends with five super fun facts about cats, you can – with this cat app! While sending, the app gives options to follow the process and automate the conversation itself.

Cat Toy or Cat Alone 2

Photo Credits: Cat Alone

Finally a cat app that your cat can use. So this app is solely for your cat. It gives different insects on your smart screen and lets your cat catch them with its paws – don’t worry if it damages the screen with the nails – that is not the issue here! Anyway, if you want something on a higher level try the Cat Snaps app – it has got a red laser dot moving across the screen and while your cat tries to catch it, once pressing the screen with its paws it takes a snap shoot of your kitty – now that’s cool!!! Finally someone invented the kitty selfies.

There are many cat apps on online stores, regardless the types give them a try, you won’t regret it.

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