Rescue Panther Expresses Love to His New Daddy by Biting His Finger!

Big wild cats are one of the most beautiful things you can lay your eyes on. Every cat lover would love to be able to at least touch one of the big beauties. This rescue panther might look really intimidating, but it is amazing how sweet he can be with his rescuer.

Kal El was rescued and taken care of by a nonprofit organization. His rescuer Eduardo is one of the few people who doesn’t feel scared to be around the big cat. The panther loves to play with Eduardo and his favorite thing to do is sucking on Eduardo’s fingers.

We are pretty sure that most of the people would be absolutely terrified to have their hand inside a panther’s mouth. However, in the video below you will see that Eduardo has complete trust in Kal El.

Would you dare to let him suck on your fingers?

Let us know in the comments below.


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