Rescue Kitten Completely Falls in Love with His Human

When the cute ginger rescue kitten got adopted, his human had no idea what to expect. He didn’t know if the kitty is going to enjoy his company or his new home. However, it turned out that his human’s love and affection was everything that the kitten needed.

Oscar didn’t only enjoy spending time with his human dad Brian, but he completely fell in love with him. He would use every opportunity he has to cuddle with him. One his favorite things to do is to sit on top of Brian. It doesn’t matter what his human is doing, he always wants to be by his side. Oscar is so sweet that he even gives him little kisses.

The two are totally inseparable and they wouldn’t trade each other for anything in the world. The sweet orange tabby completely melted Brian’s heart and most likely anyone else who has seen their lovely video.

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