Rescue Cat Teaches the New Adopted Kitten How to Cuddle!

Opie was found by Moonglade Rose, who is an animal rescuer, when he desperately needed medical care. After the unpleasant trip to the vet, she decided to bring him home where her cat Andy gave him a warm welcome. The cat teaches Opie everything and has become a really good role model for the little kitten.

Their human was not sure how they are going to get along and was worried about how Andy would react. However, he pleasantly surprised her. As soon as he heard the little distressed kitten, he ran over to him and gave him a big hug and started grooming him.

It looks like Andy, who is a rescue kitty himself, wanted to make Opie feel safe and make sure that he feels good in his new home. He has taught him how to cuddle and he spends most of the time by his side.

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