After Receiving an Amazing Gift From His Granddaughter, This Lonely Grandpa Got a New Purpose in Life!

The 94 year-old Jiji was at a point in his life where his health was deteriorating. His family couldn’t stand seeing him in such a bad state and wanted to do something in order to bring a smile back on his face. Akiko DuPont decided to give her lonely grandpa a gift that would hopefully make him feel better.

She gave Jiji a lovely ginger cat named Kinako. The cat managed to bond with Jiji even though she was quite shy at first. Now they enjoy playing and cuddling together and Kinako follows Jiji around the house. Jiji is no longer lonely and has an amazing companion always by his side.

Kinako brought a lot of joy and gave new purpose into the grumpy grandpa’s life. From the photos you can see how much these two enjoy their lives together.

Aren’t cats amazing?

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