Are You the Chosen One? Or Why Do Cats Sleep on You?

I’m pretty sure we all have our questions about felines, many unsolvable mysteries like why do cats sleep on you, like for real?! As myths would have said it, cats were all aristocratic, sharing the food and the bed of their owners. It is suggested that the status of a cat in Ancient Egypt, can be leveled up to today’s status of cows in India. I’m sure their majesties that were the cats, are not exactly thrilled with this comparison, but a god-like appreciation goes a long way, even for cats, don’t you think?

And when they died (the ninth, final time, of course), their sacred bodies were embalmed and more often than not laid beside the corpse of the mere mortals, that were their owners. It was a marvelous era for our fellow felines and they have surely not forgotten it. They still like being worshiped, so if by any chance they choose to lay their cute, little pinkie paws by our body, be sure to appreciate it, and feel like you are the chosen ones, ok?

Some Statistics…

Anyways, cats do sleep a lot. They looove taking naps, sometimes ones that last around 9 hours. Odd cat’s statistics say that they spend around 70% of their day snoring their paws off, with the exception of some serious sleepers, like kittens and senior cats who prolong their beauty sleep up to 80% of their difficult cat day. Sometimes (if the stars align) they shall sleep next to us, purring in our ears all night long. Exciting, huh?! But do not be quick to judge that your furry buddy loves ya already, would you?

Why Do Cats Sleep on You?!

The real question here is why do cats sleep on you? As science shows, it may be the warmth of your bed, or your lap that he/she wants. So, if you have bad circulation and cold feet all the time like me, then buy yourself a puppy.

Cats also experience anxiety and nervousness. So, if they sense that you are calm, they will cuddle up next to you, expecting a lullaby.

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If you are a cat owner, you have by now noticed that cats can sleep almost everywhere cozy enough for their majestic bottoms. So a warm, comfortable mattress will do wonders for your bonding time. But, keep in mind it’s the coziness, it’s not you!

Being the chosen one and making sacrifices to all the feline Gods can bring a cat to its senses and it may even begin to love you. Wohoo! Now, you got yourself a sleeping companion. And if you are a quiet sleeper, even better! Cats love the serenity and know the value of a good night’s sleep. After all, they have a long, hard day ahead of them, don’t they?

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Featured image credits: Tiger Momma via Tumblr

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