Why Do You Need to Microchip Your Pet?

We live in a dangerous, dangerous world. We keep lethal weaponry under our pillows, we sleep with one eye open, we put double locks on our doors. Observing teenagers nowadays, I see why parents have it tough. Pet parents also got some issues. As loyal and as obedient, they are, pets do tend to fly away from our warm nests to have a little fun with the boys and girls from the hood. Especially if it’s THAT time of the year. That’s why it would be the best solution to microchip your pet.

It’s Not a Tracking Device!

It’s most definitely not. It’s not like you can navigate your pet to go to the mall and buy you a pack of Marlboro’s and you can follow it through your phone, making sure she/he gets the right ones. This is just a very small device, smaller than the itzy bitzy spider itself, painlessly injected under your pet’s shoulder blades, which serves as his/her personal ID.

Photo Credits: U.S. Air Force

Microchip Your Pet Because Collars Don’t Help!

Having a collar with the owner’s name and phone number does not provide the same guarantee in locating your dog/cat as when you microchip your pet. A collar can get lost faster than Britney Spears’s popularity. So if your little fizzy fella decides to go for a walk by itself and doesn’t return for a couple of days, you need to contact your vet. Maybe somebody found it and took it at the nearest veterinary hospital.

But to microchip you pet is only the first step. To give your pet the best protection you must register the microchip. What you need to do next is to register the chip in a national pet recovery database such like “HomeAgain” and enlist your personal info, so you get the call when someone happens to find your furry buddy.

Photo Credits: U.S. Air Force

Don’t forget to keep your data up to date, so you can be located with ease.

Once implanted, a microchip will last as long as your dog/cat does. It’s totally safe, because it is composed of bio-compatible materials. These compounds cause no damage as they do not degenerate over time.

This type of security will cost you around 45$, but it’s totally worth every penny considering that is done only once in a lifetime and the amount of security that you’ll have is gonna be priceless.

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