8 Reasons Why Indoor Cats Celebrate Our Coming Back Home!

Cat lovers often do not understand their babies, even if they send them various messages. People are constantly trying to understand the unusual world of cats. There are eight reasons why indoor cats are happy when we get home, although it seems that the most important thing has to do with food.

1. Enough Sleep

What are cats doing when you are not at home? You assume that most of the time they are sleeping. When you unlock the door and enter home they immediately jump and run to the door, but at the same time they begin to clean the crust from their eyes and yawn, and it’s clear that the cat just woke up. However, they actually get tired of sleeping so our arrival makes them happy because they have company again.

2. They Marked Us with Their Smell

When we got out of the home, we began to collect other scents. Regardless of where we were and what we were doing when we get home, cats will realize that we have brought with us some new smells. In order to re-mark us they start to pat themselves of us, and may exaggerate on it, just to let us once again smell the way it suits them.

3. They Hope That We Will Start Preparing Dinner

Indoor cats love when something happens in the kitchen, even if it is not for them they are drawn by the odors, and besides, there is always the possibility that in the process of preparing food, piece of food falls on the floor. Therefore, they lurk around!

4. A Toy Got Stuck Somewhere

If we spend the whole day outside the home, apart from sleeping cats run around and play, and at least one of their toys ends up under the couch. That is why we are welcomed with a smile and they are patiently waiting until we figure out what they want.

5. It Is Time for Pampering!

Of course, when we arrive home, we give the cat a possibility to jump into our lap, rest and pat in it. Some cats that are prone to follow you all over the place until you change your clothes, wash your hands, do all you have to do, and then finally sit down so they finally get the opportunity to pamper.

6. Cats Can Look at Something Other Than the Wall

When we are at home our cats have these moments of meditation when they do not do anything but rest and star at the wall. At least that is how we look at it. But, we can only imagine how they watch the wall when we are not at home. In addition, they have a habit of staring at us, especially if it is feeding time. So when we get home after work, their staring at us makes sense again.

7. Maybe We’ll Go to Take a Shower

Most cats love the bathroom as much as they love the kitchen. Maybe it’s because these are the places where their owner is staying or there is something “special” going on. Even those cats that do not like taking a shower will be happy to spend some time in the bathroom while their owner is taking a shower and have fun in their own way.

8. Indoor Cats Assume That They Will Receive Food

Photo credits: Flo - Flickr

All of this is great, the game, the pampering, the kitchen, even the bathroom, but food is on the top of everything! For most of the cats food is the weakest point, so, even if is not the time to eat, cats will try to get something to chew on.

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