Reasons To Become A Pet Owner Right Now!

You don’t have a dog!? How about a cat!? How’s your blood pressure?? What’s your stress level!? Seriously…
Recent studies prove that having a pet, any kind of pet, reduces your blood pressure and your stress level! I mean, who wouldn’t want that? We live in a tensed time, we have absurdly needy jobs that consume all of our energy and not to mention the household part, the place where we should feel calm and relaxed but – we don’t! Well, it is time to think about something that would make things easier. Becoming a pet owner, maybe?

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Time for a New Era in Your Life!

Aside from the medical benefits that we can have from owning a pet there is another side to this story. Have you ever found yourself petting a stranger’s dog in the park and talk to the dog’s owner? Did I mention these pet owners are strangers? Yes, pets boost our social life, decrease isolation and lead to more conversation and social connections! They need a walk, so we take them to the park, or, do they take us for a walk? Anyways, we take them for a walk, they keep us fit and make us talk to like-minded strangers. Vice versa, criminals hate dogs; a dog is a good personal security when you are out walking or a great security for your home when you are not there.

They Will Love You No Matter What!

If you have a pet in your life means that you have made a promise to continue being involved in another life. They will greet you at the door the moment you step in and show you how delighted they are to see you! They wouldn’t mind if you’re having a bad hair day or you gained a few pounds even though summer’s round the corner. Over the time they will teach you the true meaning of the words companionship and unconditional love. They prevent you to be lonely and they are great to talk to even though they don’t talk back. Being a pet owner will boost your feelings of self worth because animals are counting on you for their care.

Save a Life! Be a Pet Owner!

Research shows that over 2.7 million pets are being euthanized every year as a result of so many stray dogs and cats being brought to shelters but there are, not enough people to take care of them! Pets from shelters are already spayed or neutered, vaccinated and some even trained, so they are more convenient for a family household than new ones bought from a breeder, and not to mention – cheaper, something to think about, I would say. Also, there is a program “Walk a hound lose a pound” organized by some community shelters, giving people a chance for some exercise and companionship with the dogs from the shelter. You should check this out at your local shelter because by giving a community service you are giving yourself a health benefit too.

….in case you need any more convincing

Kids that grow up in households with pets are at a lower risk of developing asthma and allergies! To all the moms out there, a little piece of advice: have your kid walk the pet round the corner, the kid would be safe, the pet would be pleased and you will have that cup of coffee.

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