Prince Michael Was Left Home Alone with a GoPro! The Cat Was Having the Ultimate Fun!

Every cat owner probably wonders what their cat is doing home alone after they leave the house. Aaron decided to find out what his cat Prince Michael does alone, so he attached a GoPro camera to his cat.

The camera was able to record every single cat movement and every single cat owner nightmare comes true. The cat finally becomes herself, a true owner of every single thing around the house. We all know that they own us! This is just another proof that your cat can and will do whatever she wants behind your back.

No, he won’t hesitate and do all the things he shouldn’t do. From leaving the house to messing around with the neighboring dog and driving him crazy, he will do everything you can imagine.

Make sure to share the GoPro adventures of Prince Michael with your friends.

Would you do this with your cat?

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