These Special Pouches Called Kitten Bjorns Help Feral Kittens Find Their Home!

The Animal Rescue League of Boston came up with a great idea of how to help feral kittens socialize easier. The Kitten Bjorns are a type of carrier with which they can carry the kittens around while still being able to do their daily activities.

They think that while using the Kitten Bjorns they help the kittens get used to humans a lot faster. The carrier makes it a lot easier for the kittens to spend a lot more time with the staff. It is a fun way in which the process of getting ready for adoption is a lot shorter. Thanks to this method now feral kittens are ready for adoption in only 48 hours and can easily find a forever home.

Would you like to have a Kitten Bjorn for your cat?

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