Poor Street Cat Was Mistreated by Everyone Until a Softhearted Vet Adopted Him

There are a lot of stray cat living on the streets all around the world. It is very unfortunate that not every single one of them gets the chance to live a happy life with a loving family. Such was the case of a poor street cat from New Jersey.

He was treated very poorly both by humans and fellow cats and his physical appearance is definitely a proof of the hard life that he has been living. He was found with a chewed up ear and very skinny. However, when the fifteen year-old Barnaby was brought to Voorhes Animal Orphanage, everyone was impressed by the sweet kitty.

The Poor Street Cat Was Given A Second Chance!

They knew it was going to be hard to find a home for an elderly cat like Barnaby, but they decided to do anything they can in order to help him. After posting a photo of him on their Facebook page, the veterinarian Ed Sheehan and his wife Clare took noticed that there is something special about him.

They wanted to adopt him and give him all the love and care that he needed. It was a perfect match since Barnaby’s health was in a poor condition. Ed was able to make him feel better and in no time his health condition improved. He took him to his clinic for a checkup and the staff immediately fell in love with him.

Now that he has gained more weight and his fur growing thicker, Barnaby is living a happy and content life. With a loving family by his side, he will no longer be mistreated nor hurt. He loves to cuddle with his humans and would spend any spare minute that they have in their arms. He is finally feeling safe and loved and hopefully a lot more stray cats will be as lucky as he is in finding a forever home.

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