10+ Funny Photos of Cats Showing That They Hate Our Stupid Selfies!

For every cat lover cats are really gorgeous. They are just so beautiful and gracious that taking selfies with them seems like an amazing idea.

What we need to keep in mind is that cats do not care about the photos you are taking. They also probably don’t even want to be in them most of the time. Especially if they were planning to spend the afternoon napping in some cozy place around the house.

The photos you are about to see below show just how much our feline friends don’t care about selfies. Also, judging by their looks how much they despise being in them. We can’t make our cats do something they don’t want to. This is why some of the cats look absolutely furious that their human took a photo with them. Others managed to make the grumpiest face ever. Nevertheless, the ending result is still adorable and hilarious.

Photo Credits: Bored Panda


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