The Raw Food Diet for Pets: is it Wrong or Right?

While the world market in pet food industry is fighting over convincing us which grains or processed canned meat is better for our pet, some Australian veterinarians state that the raw food diet should return. This raw food diet was given to racing greyhounds and sled dogs. It was beneficiary for them back then, so why wouldn’t be now for our pets!

Dogs should be back to the raw food diet just like they used to be, before they were domesticated. Implementing modern, processed food to dogs nowadays, these veterinarians say it is the worst thing for our dogs.

These new thinking’s became controversial and a thought worthy. The FDA and many mainstream vets disagree about these old-new dietary change and they have made a lot of research and many studies proving that this is wrong for our dogs.

Their studies showed that a bacteria threat may appear to dogs as well to humans while eating raw meat, the dog may choke on the bone or even cause an internal puncture while digesting the raw bone. But, having something like this said by the commercial pet food companies makes sense, given that they are trying to protect their industry. Let’s face it, it’s a huge industry.

‘’Give your dog a bone’’ is the newest book that emerged on the market and it started a whole new wave of on-line ready recipes for raw food diet. Combinations of grains, vegetables and vitamins combined with raw meat purchased from your local butcher, are a hit throughout the social Medias.

These recipes include vegetables like: broccoli, spinach and celery, apples, dairies, raw eggs, organic meat like kidneys and liver, muscle meat and bones – whole or ground. Now, mind this, this raw food diet is no cheap at all, some say it is double the expenses from canned food. Even the time that it takes to prepare the food is longer and more consuming.

But, the results from applying this raw diet are visible from the first week; the dog’s breath is better, his teeth are cleaner, their coat is shinier and their energy level is over the roof tops! Now, these are not reports from research and studies, but actual witnessing from pet owners that started this raw food diet and showed these results on line on their blogs.

Whether you choose processed or raw food diet for your pet, is your choice, but consider the benefits from both of them when deciding.

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