This Pennywise Cat Is Going to Creep You Out! Crazy Resemblance!

Once upon a time this kitty was known for her strange resemblance to Steve Buscemi and back then she was called Steve Buskitty. However, nowadays she is called the Pennywise cat.

Marla is a sweet and loving cat, but her looks are not really on the sweet side. The Internet has gone cray after someone pointed out that she really looks like Bill Skarsgård who played Pennywise the Dancing Clown. She also looks like the Hollywood actor Willem Dafoe. You decide!

Anyway, rest assured that you are not going to find this cat creeping in the sewer, ready to disembowel you. Ever since she was adopted from a shelter she has been very playful and really likes to spend time with her siblings. As far as we know, for the past two year she hasn’t murdered anyone, except maybe a couple of birds, mice and lizards.

Can you see the resemblance?

It’s time for biscuits.

Posted by Steve Buscemi Cat on Saturday, October 7, 2017

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