She Caught Her Parrot Playing with Two Cats Under a Box! Hmmm…

When you see a box moving you will wonder what as crawled underneath. With pets at your house, of course you will assume that one of them is hiding there. However, in this case a human found her parrot playing with two cats under the box.

The pets probably decided to prank their human and hide somewhere where she won’t be able to find them. Unfortunately she did, but from what we can see, Jackson was probably the one who lured them in. After all, he is the one who gets back in after a while.

He also clearly really loves his feathery friend. The lovely cat is incredibly gentle with the parrot, making sure he won’t hurt his friend when they are playing.

Do you think they were conspiring something underneath the box?

Let us know what you think they were doing in the comments below.

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