Sweet Seal Cat Fights Anxiety Attacks Like a Boss!

Molly grew up on a farm surrounded with cats and once she started having anxiety attacks about her exams she knew it was time to get a cat, but never guessed that it would be a seal cat that is going to help her.

So she started her adoption procedure.

Photo Credits: @adventuresofotitis

At the very beginning she knew she wanted a disabled cat since those are the hardest to adopt. The moment she saw Otitis, the little earless, seal cat in the shelter, she knew it was the one she wanted to take home. Molly was the first and only that applied for Otitis’ adoption. Therefore, it was kind of easy to bring him home faster.

Photo Credits: @adventuresofotitis
Photo Credits: @adventuresofotitis

Fell in Love With the Seal Cat …

His previous owner couldn’t afford his medical treatment for the cysts that Otitis had so he took him to the shelter. The doctors couldn’t save the ears but they did save his life. They told Molly that this seal cat was deaf. Molly took him home and after an hour of adapting, Otitis smothered her with hugs and cuddles.

Photo Credits: @adventuresofotitis

He showed all his love and affection as a sign of gratitude that she saved him from the shelter and brought him home.

Ever since Otitis is a part of Molly’s life she has less anxiety attacks. She also seems calmer and even states that Otitis is the one that saved her life not the other way around. But looking at the pictures that Molly has shared viral it is obvious that both of them saved each other and are happy to have one another.

Photo Credits: @adventuresofotitis

Otitis even though he is deaf he doesn’t miss out any chance to be around Molly all the time and check on everything she does. Molly says that she couldn’t be happier now that she has her own seal cat.

Love Meow

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