Heartwarming Story: the One-Eyed Kitty with a Really Cute Wink!

Yara was found in a box of Christmas ornaments when she was only 4 weeks-old. When Kaylen saw the kitten in the veterinary clinic where she works, she noticed something really special about her. She had a cute wink which made her look super cute.

Yara was born without one eye, but she was a very healthy kitty. Since she couldn’t stay at the clinic, Kaylen suggested that her brother Matty should adopt her. Just like Kaylen, Matty couldn’t resist the adorable kitten and Yara became a part of his family.

She felt at home right away. They even let her take the stuffed animal that she was sleeping on in the clinic and bring it home. Now she lives a happy life with a human, her plushie and a new feline buddy called Sony. She is a kitten full of energy that loves cuddling and following her human everywhere.

Photo Credits: Yara G via Instagram

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