SAD NEWS! The Oldest Cat in the World Dies after 144 Cat Years!

The average cat normally lives for around 15 years. This particular cat has passed those 15 years a long time ago. By turning 32 years-old he owned the title of the world’s oldest cat.

Nutmeg – the World’s Oldest Cat!

On August 29th Nutmeg passed away after 32 years of ruling in this world and is off to rule in another one. His owners were Liz and Ian Finlay who are completely heartbroken because of the loss of their precious cat. The first 5 years of his life Nutmeg was just a stray cat. The rest 27 years were spent in a happy home with a loving family. Who introduced Nutmeg to this family, was no other than the family’s old cat Spice. This happened in 1990 and unfortunately Spice passed away in the 2000s. The cat kept coming home with a stray cat and they couldn’t resist him.

Nutmeg has been a part of this family for 32 years and part of all the good and bad things that they went through. From anniversaries, birthdays, changing houses to mourning the passing away of loved ones, Nutmeg was always there with his family. His passing away is something that Liz and Ian are still trying to recover from. They have stated that they are not planning to adopt another cat because the passing away of Nutmeg has left them really broken. They don’t want to go through anything similar to it again.

Nutmeg’s health was deteriorating and went downhill really quickly. The world’s oldest cat’s passed away from a heart failure. He lived a really happy life with his family that loved him and spoiled him. Tuna, cream or roast chicken, whatever he wished for he could have it. Liz and Ian loved taking care of him and from his life span we can see that he lived quite a happy and content life.

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