In Memoriam: Oskar the Blind Cat – May He Rest in Peace!

The death of Oskar the blind cat has left the cat community in tears. The Seattle kitty was born with a genetic condition called microphthalmia which was the cause of his blindness. Other than that Oskar was a pretty healthy cat. He was a kitty which didn’t let his blindness stop him from living life to the fullest. Thanks to the Szydlowski family he lived a peaceful and happy life and they showered him with love.

The six year-old tabby passed away on the 5th of February. Since there were no signs of illness prior to his death, the news about it has left everyone in shock. The cause of his death was a heart attack and Oskar passed away in his home.

The sweet blind kitty was really loved by everyone in the cat community and he will never be forgotten. He will stay alive in our hearts and our minds.

*In the video below, let us remind ourselves when Oskar was a little kitty and he got his first toys.

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