Medicated Kitten Playfully Waits for His Post-Anesthesia Drunkenness to Wear off…

Not every animal reacts the same after anesthesia. However, when it comes to cats, weird behavior is definitely not unusual. This medicated kitten went through the whole post-anesthesia period in a really playful way.

One of the most common things to experience when your cat has undergone anesthesia is being uncoordinated. Your cat might go into walls and wobble around when she tries to walk. These are things that are completely normal and in no time your kitty is going be ready to do all the mischief.

This kitten was feeling rather energized when brought home. All Jack wanted was to run around all over the place, playing with whatever crosses his path. The result of his drunken behavior is absolutely hilarious.

Has your cat ever reacted similar to Jack?

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