This Lovely Canada Lynx Really Enjoys Being Brushed!

Like a lot of other cats Lynx also shed their coat. For the Canada Lynx Max this usually starts happening during March. The big kitty however, truly enjoys being brushed by his caretaker.

Max was born in a zoo in May 2011. One of his missions is to bring more knowledge to the public about the Canadian Lynx. He is not domesticated, but as you can see he definitely acts like a domestic kitty sometimes.

Plenty of cats don’t like brushing, but Max is not one of them. Since his winter coat is shedding Max needs to be brushed, but he really doesn’t mind it at all. Even though he doesn’t lie down completely still, he doesn’t cause a lot of problems for his caretaker. The big kitty just wants to play around with his own fur which was set on the side. He also really loves getting some head scratches.

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