A Man Was Taking a Nap on the Ground! Then a Female Cheetah Appeared!

Every cat lover’s dream is to be able to snuggle with a beautiful big cat. Dolph Volker has been really lucky when one day a female cheetah called Eden decided to join him under a tree for some cuddles.

He is a volunteer at the Cheetah Experience, a non-profit conservation project in South Africa that protects and preserves endangered animals. Dolph has had the wonderful opportunity to be surrounded with these gorgeous creatures. Eden is one of the cheetahs he didn’t spend much time with so when she came up to him while he was taking a nap he was quite surprised.

In the video you can see just how much Eden is going to remind you of a domestic cat.
WARNING: you will be able to hear some quite loud purrs.

Would you be honored if a big cat wants to cuddle with you?

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