Man Has a Surprising First Encounter With an Inverted Panda Cat!

In the UK a man had an interesting encounter with a cat as soon as he opened the door of his car. The cat which greeted him has really unique looks. The inverted panda cat is all black with a white nose, ears, paws and tail.

His distinct looks are a result of a skin condition called vitiligo which is not often seen in animals. However, the ones who do have this condition are usually black cats. They end up with white patches on their face or paws because of the loss of pigment.

This cat lives on a veterinary farm, but loves to walk around and greet everyone. He gets into people’s cars in order to get some scratches and cuddles. His condition doesn’t stop him from being adorable and he is loved by every person from the neighborhood.

Aren’t his looks charming?

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Photo Credits: Danny Redmond

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