Man Found a Scared Kitten Hiding Under a Truck!

A little scared kitten was hiding under a truck and clinging to it near the office of the man who rescued her. She was abandoned by her mother and looked very frightened.

As soon as he noticed her, he took a picture and sent it to his wife asking if he could bring the kitty home. Just like him, she also couldn’t say no to her adorable face and allowed him to take her with him. They took her to the vet for a checkup and vaccination and found out that she was only 4-5 weeks-old.

They named her Axel and the little kitty immediately felt comfortable in her new home. Their 19 year-old cat and the 2 year-old dog accepted her right away. The couple was ready to give her a wonderful life filled with love. She won’t be scared nor abandoned ever again with such sweet humans by her side.

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